Looking for an Illustrator

I’ve been working on a childrens story on off for a while. It is something that Rebekah and me have been throwing around. I’m about 4 or 5 chapters in and have the high concept in place, but have been struggling with some of the detail in my head. To be honest, I also struggle for time. Anyway, I think I have now found a good enough process to allow me to move forward and am hoping to get the provebial ball rolling ASAP. What I am now looking for is someone to draw pictures for me. It is not intended to be an illustrated book but I do think characters and places could do with imagineering. I also want to start the process of a website and blog to follow the process and images would be essential in this.

So if you are or know an illustrator who would be interested in collaborating, get in touch… comment here and I’ll email you back.

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