My arse hurts…

lagunaII.jpgI took my car into the garage this morning. The rear bushes were split and required fixing. This was part of the problem after the accident. The garage working for the insurance company were very crap and it has taken a while to get this sorted. Anyway, the cost is about £500.

I also needed the handbrake looking at as it had stopped working.

I just got a call from the garage…. According to a guy from, the handbrake isn’t working because the rear calipers have siezed and knackered the rear brake pads and discs. Now that’s pretty annoying because both pads and discs were only replaced back in August. So that’s gonna cost about £900

Also, it turns out that my Coolent Pump is leaking, which is a pain in itself, however to fix it they must replace the whole cam belt at the same time. Now that’s pretty annoying because the cam belt was only replaced 18 months ago. Another £700!

Anyway, total cost today approx £2200!

On top of which I had to change both front tyres on Saturday. They had both worn again. Which means another 2 front tyres since last August! That cost me £300.

I could have bought a new car with the amount of money that I have spent on the car in the last 12 months!

Bend over, this is going to hurt…

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