Where have all the Heroes gone?

HeroesI watched the first 2 episodes of the much acclaimed last night on BBC2. Well, err, it was, ok! ( When I hear myself typing that I hear Frank N Furter saying… O.K? I think we can do a little better than that. )
The production values seemed a little cheap, which is a suprise considering how much each episode is meant to cost. If you compare the look of it to , then Lost wins hands down.
I didn’t think the acting was all that great, in particular playing Mohinder Suresh. However that could have been down to the poor script that he had.
Much of the script and story seemed tired and hackneyed, with a number of inconsistencies. The biggest one that I couldn’t shake off was; Hiro lives in Japan and he and those around him talk Japanese. This is supported with Sub Titles.
Mohinder Suresh starts in India and he and those around him all speak English with poor Indian accents… what’s that about? It might actually be correct, that might be how it is, however it just felt wrong when up against Hiro’s story. Reading the Heroes Wiki there appears to be more inconsistencies with this character…

Mohinder is from Chennai in the series and appears to be a Hindu, but his first name is Sikh. His last name is characteristically South Indian.

All in all, it was good enough to allow me to watch a few more episodes, but it will have to get a great deal better to keep me interested.

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