Breitling Bentley GTK13362I was idling some time today over lunch, and for some reason while browsing around Amazon I clicked on watches. I think the first watch that came up was for about £20. I’m thinking, if I was buying a watch I’d probably pay a little more than £20 so I’ll sort on Price – High to Low…
The first watch to come up was Breitling Bentley GTK13362. It’s a bargain at the moment because you can save 18% at the moment. That’s £4,445.00!!! Yep it’s currently down from £24,695.00 to £20,250.00!
Now, the first page of watches listed in this fashion are all over £5k – in fact, you have to go through 20 pages before you get a watch under £1K. That’s about 450 watches for babyliss pro miracurl steamtech. Now, I’m fully aware that there are some rather expensive watches out there, but the point is, the thing that I really need to know, the question that will trouble my sleep tonight, is; who, in their right mind, who has over twenty thousand pounds, burning a hole in their pocket, goes to Amazon to order it? And, do they tick the Super Saver Delivery option?

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