Messages from the stones…

I was at Stonehenge for the summer Solstice… anyway recently someone commented about one of my pictures on one of the photograph sites that I post to.

Here is the picture. You can click on it to get a bigger image.

Sunset at Stonehenge

And here is the comment.

Great image spoiled by the NO in the cloud formation obviously not a heavenly body!!!! apart from that nicely handled image…Bev.

I had to email Bev to find out what was meant… and only after much staring did I see that message sent to me during sunset before the summer solstice at stonehenge… boldy in the top middle of the picture, nestled among the clouds… “NO”… was someone trying to tell me something?

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3 Replies to “Messages from the stones…”

  1. Wow! Is that for real? If No means no..then what is it you mustn’t do?!!!!

  2. Yup! that’s for real… No image changes by me. I really hope that I didn’t do whatever I was meant to do…!

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