“I slew score upon score of his foul creatures yet always there were more to take their place”

I can only apologise for the delays in this project, but can assure you that I more than anyone am eager to see this released.

The summer has proved much turmoil to my schedule. Not because I am too busy, but more because I am out of sorts with development in general. The house move came at a time when I was in full flow, and unfortunately, it had the dramatic affect of completely killing my momentum. And I am only very slowly getting that back.

Anyway, over the last few weeks I have pushed out 2 new versions for testing, and have already added some features read for next weeks drop. The first included changes to the Ice Crown quest. For those people who are very familiar with the original game, the quest mode is way too easy. So I wanted to spice it up a little. Ideally, I was going to move the location of the Ice Crown, or even have it randomly assigned to a location, so that you would have to do some questing to find its location, before you can perform the quest itself. However, I decided to leave that to later in game campaign updates. So all I did was add a few extra armies on the north western flank, the route that Morkin would usually take to perform the quest, and then add some additional logic for generating new armies that are interested in the Ice Crown, should it be lifted from its original location. Current testing suggests that the quest may be a little too hard! 🙂

Second update added some small features to the lord selection screen. The ability to instantly see which lords are at night, dawn, in battle, and to be able to filter on them.

Next weeks drop includes additional features for the map screen. Namely easily locating yourself on the map, scaling, and being able to select things from off the map. Hopefully, I will also add in support for iPhone5 for next week, because currently the wide-screen nature of it, is playing havoc with the game.

In other news, I have a Blackberry tablet dev kit winging its way to me, courtesy of RIM and Marmalade. Which in theory means that the game could launch on this device at the same time as iOS, something that I unfortunately cannot extend to Android.

And… still looking for artists… if you know anyone who might like to get involved, point them in my direction!

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4 Replies to ““I slew score upon score of his foul creatures yet always there were more to take their place””

  1. Great developments, can’t wait for it to come along 🙂

  2. Many thanks for the update, at least things are still moving forward ! I am also glad things will be a little harder. Will this be optional in the menu system ie ‘original’ mode and ‘harder’ mode?

    I am really hoping for it to be released this side of Christmas……

  3. Hi, could you give more details on the needed art, are you looking for Midnight style lineart, Midnight style in 19th cent shaded lineart style or something completely perhaps different? Maps? Is full color or Midnight blue/white needed? Vectors or pixels? Paid or not?

    Information like that would be very helpful in pointing artists to your direction.

  4. Hand drawn. I want it to have a flavour of the original, but not a copy. Muted colour. It’s not paid, but a fair share of the spoils, and therefore potential on future projects.

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