The Ice Fear is utterly cold

I find myself walking through Wallasey at 1am. The wind chill is bitter and burns my face. I would pull my cloak around me more if I could. All that is missing is flakes of snow in the air. I’m not sure if the temperature has dropped or that I’m just so much more northerly than usual. As harsh as it feels, it somehow feels appropriate. It feels like this is the right way to end the day.
I’ve spent the last five hours in the company of Mike Singleton’s friends and family. I’ve had a wonderful time talking to his sons Jules and Tam, and his daughter-in-law Gemma. I been privileged enough to listen to stories told by the old Maelstrom gang, brought together one more time by the memory of a man that really was larger than life.
They one thing that I take away from this gathering, is just how much Mike was loved. Not because he was a founding father of the games industry, a man whom the industry owes so much. A pioneer and a maverick who constantly tried to push the boundaries of technology and game design. A man who has written more inspirational games than anyone I can think of. A man who was unassuming and modest, and really wouldn’t have understood all the fuss.
But because he was an all round nice guy. And man who cared for the people around him. A man who had time to give to kids and adults a like. A man with patience. A man who liked the company of other people.
The thing I can take away from this happy but icy cold October night is – Mike Singleton was not only a game industry legend, but he was an all round bloody nice guy!

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6 Replies to “The Ice Fear is utterly cold”

  1. It is dawn and Christopher is utterly invigorated. The Ice Fear is quite cold. Chris is utterly Bold.

    At heart warming post.


  2. A drink against the cold and another one to Mike then. May he live on in many ways.

    Nicely written, Chris.

  3. “an all round bloody nice guy”

    Best epithet a man can get.

  4. Morkin watched until he could barely see the the dim shapes of Corleth and Rorthron as they rode east towards the forest-edge.
    His father, the Moonprince, was already far to the south, seeking to rally more of the free, but he, Morkin, must travel alone. He felt a cold stab of panic as the Ice Fear sought to overcome his resolve, but he fought it down and turned his face to the north . A henge broke the skyline in the frosty distance; that would be his first waypoint …

  5. It’s been many years since I thought about LOM, but from memory, it was always best to hang out with the Utarg of Utarg, so let him be your guide.

  6. Mike will be sorely missed. LoM had as profound effect on me as reading the Lord of the Rings. He had a vision and we were lucky enough to share in a vision that shaped many happy weeks/months of my childhood.

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