The Lords of Midnight

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13 Replies to “The Lords of Midnight”

  1. And, as a tribute to Mike, what’s the chance of adding a memorial to him somewhere in LOM that gamers would understand. Something that gives a lonely wanderer a little warmth when darkness falls. Somewhere that we stumble across one night and can raise a glass in honour ?

  2. Then I bow to your wisdom Chris and look forward to finding your tribute and raising a glass in Mikes honour. No rush, a good malt matures like a good game !

  3. Looking great Chris and really like the work done by Jure.

    I’ve just bought the ‘kids’ an i-pad for Xmas, so can’t wait for this to come out ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Gareth, should be. Just got some work to do on the tutorial, and some last minute snagging. But with a fair wind, I should be submitting to App Store on Friday.

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