The Lords of Midnight are coming…

The game has now been submitted to Apple, I can only wait for their reviewing process to take place. As long as everything is ok, it will be in the App Store on the Winter Solstice, Dec 21st.
It’s been a funny few months, the last six weeks being particularly hectic. I finally played the game through on Friday and Saturday, as I did the last minute checks before the submission. It’s probably the first time I have played the game properly for a long time. I have to thank all the testers who made sure that I didn’t need to!
Anyway, I really enjoyed it! Even if I do say so myself, “It ‘aint half bad”. I am really really happy with it. I know it’s not the game that Mike and I originally set out to release, but I am pretty sure that Mike would be happy with the decision that I made, and the actual result.

The website is now live at

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14 Replies to “The Lords of Midnight are coming…”

  1. The game is brilliant.
    The new features work really well and the updated graphics are beautiful even though I felt a bit nostalgic when they replaced the old ones.
    Just one question I found Lord of Midwinter but can’t figure what he is all about 😉 Care to give me a clue ?

    Brilliant work, really and many congratulations

  2. Well done. I can’t wait for this, and just in time for Xmas when I have lots of time off to kick arse!

  3. This is brilliant, the Hobbit movie and now Lords of Midnight in time for Christmas for my Ipad. I can’t wait to be stood at the foot of the Tower of the Moon, looking out on a crisp winter morn at dawn, feeling utterly invigorated.

  4. Outstanding news Chris. Can’t wait to give it a go. I’m sure this will introduce LoM to a whole new audience. If you ever need any testing help in future SHOUT!

  5. Can’t wait, and I’ve got triplet daughters, who first played the game with us when they were children, champing at the bit to get their hands on it, too.
    The website looks good, and it was nostalgic to read the novella again. I’m a real doryphore, and so I couldn’t help picking up a few typos. I hope it’s useful if I point them out.
    On the website itself, the introductory sentence: “brought to and update for”.
    In the novella ( I haven’t got my copy any more, so I don’t know if they’re original or text-reader errors):
    Page 3: bred – tired
    Page 7: simmering – shimmering
    Page 17: incomprehensive – incomprehensible
    Page 30: Grad- Gard
    Page 31: explicable – inexplicable.
    I hope that’s useful and not just OCD!

    Roll on the solstice.

  6. Nice job with the site – i’m looking forward to the Windows version!

    The game looks amazing so far!

  7. Thanks Mel, 3, 30, and 31 I have changed. The first two are scanning errors, the last is actually incorrect in the original manual. It’s written as exexplicable!
    7 and 17 are in the manual so I have left them as original.

    Changes made. I’ll update the site tomorrow.
    Thanks for that!

  8. Excellent News Chris – Keen to get hands on again and experience some of that old magic.

    Having given up waiting for StarCommand – Midnight will deliver.

  9. Been waiting a long time for this, I must say it looks very good.
    Will enjoy playing it again, and will enjoy doomdarks revenge when it’s done my favourite game of all time. I’m sure mike would be very proud ) and like all the hard work you have put in.

  10. Great news, congratulations. Any clue as to when us Fey Android owners not yet under the ice fear of iOS may be able to venture into Midnight once again?

  11. Well it works now, in theory. I about to order a device so that I can do a quick test on it myself. After that, it will be about getting some testing done on it.

  12. Preview of latest RetroGamer mag up on youtube with tribute to Mike Singleton.

  13. I just discovered that this game exists. After reading a bit about it and watching a video of an early iPad build I have to say that I’m pretty excited. Is there any chance that you could do a video as a tutorial/intro for the uninitiated and to show off the upcoming game? It might make a good marketing tool as well.

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