There are things in this world that I don’t understand…

I find myself at a strange position in my life. For those of you who know me, and those of you who know me well, I like to think of myself as a relatively creative person. I also think that I am somone whose creativity drifts in the wind of mediocrity. Right here, right now, I have two things going on in my head, two things that have presented themself as fact; I have a story to tell and I have business to build.

The business; there’s not much to tell about this at this stage, other than to say that, for the first time in a very long time, I am absolutley sure it is something I should do.

The story; this is something that has been in my head for some time now. It started as something that I wrote for my creative writing course a few years ago and then morphed into a story that I could tell to Rebekah. Together we have played around with ideas that have helped to shape the concept.

It started like this…

A single streak of daylight dissected the dim room through the curtains

Now, I’ve struggled with the story, not fully understood it, and thus not been able to write it down. However, over the last few weeks it seems to be becoming clearer. The more things I do, the more I read, the more I listen, the more I speak, the more I think, all makes it clearer.

For as long as I have been thinking about this story, there is a phrase that keeps popping into my head. I’ve never written it down, never known how to follow it, never kown what to do with it…

“There are things in this world that I don’t understand..”

It just comes to me, pops in my head, a nagging question that needs a answer, begs for one. if only I knew what the follow up was. I could just find the response needed to write it down. Maybe there are just things in this world that I don’t understand.

I sat reading my book during lunch, listening to my iPod. The statement once more popped into my head. I stopped, looked out of the window to the Candian Geese playing on the lake, and just knew that the book was something that I should do. No longer should, but must.

As I write this Hogarth is singing in my ear…

I have seen this face a thousand times
Every morning of my life
But I never saw these eyes so clear
Free of doubt and pain
Like the whole world has been made again

I don’t know what that means, but it feels like it means something to me, because I just nearly wept, had to take a moment there… Maybe it is so clear to me, maybe I am free of doubt…

I tune in to some friendly voices
Talking bout stupid things.
I cant be left to my imagination.
Let me be weak,
Let me sleep
And dream of sheep. – Kate Bush

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New Car

ScenicWell I got my new car last week. Well Victoria’s new car. We had settled on a Renault Grand Scenic. 7 seater, 2.0 150bhp dci diesel automatic. I spent a lot of time getting the spec right, ordered it and waited 8 weeks for delivery.
Well, as you know, things aren’t always that straight forward for me when it comes to one of the best luxury SUV‘s.
The car was being delivered on Tuesday 31st July. The week prior we run around signing documents in order to get everything in place for the delivery. The Friday before I get a phone call to say that the dealer had ordered the wrong car! As it happens I was told that they had ordered the petrol instead of the diesel.If you want go to to see more.
This didn’t bother me because if a petrol had been available when I ordered it, I would probably gone with it. The savings on diesel does not outway the extra costs for the low mileage that the car will do. If I kept the car, it would be cheaper, but also I would get some cash back for the inconvenience.

… to cut a long story short because I’m already bored with it… the petrol car turned up with the cruise control/speed limiter missing and the wrong stereo installed… further investigation showed that it wasn’t actually the same car but a undpowered and underspecced version!

So now I wait for a NEW and correct car to be delivered in another 8 weeks…By the way i will be using fuel injector cleaner from with this new car so we’ll see how it goes.

Luckily, for them, I can keep the car I have until they deliver it.

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If I’ve been wrong all this time, and there is indeed a God and therefore some better place that we may or may not go to when our time is up, I really hope that Bob Bradley is now with his wife Mim.

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