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ScenicWell I got my new car last week. Well Victoria’s new car. We had settled on a Renault Grand Scenic. 7 seater, 2.0 150bhp dci diesel automatic. I spent a lot of time getting the spec right, ordered it and waited 8 weeks for delivery.
Well, as you know, things aren’t always that straight forward for me when it comes to one of the best luxury SUV‘s.
The car was being delivered on Tuesday 31st July. The week prior we run around signing documents in order to get everything in place for the delivery. The Friday before I get a phone call to say that the dealer had ordered the wrong car! As it happens I was told that they had ordered the petrol instead of the diesel.If you want go to to see more.
This didn’t bother me because if a petrol had been available when I ordered it, I would probably gone with it. The savings on diesel does not outway the extra costs for the low mileage that the car will do. If I kept the car, it would be cheaper, but also I would get some cash back for the inconvenience.

… to cut a long story short because I’m already bored with it… the petrol car turned up with the cruise control/speed limiter missing and the wrong stereo installed… further investigation showed that it wasn’t actually the same car but a undpowered and underspecced version!

So now I wait for a NEW and correct car to be delivered in another 8 weeks…By the way i will be using fuel injector cleaner from with this new car so we’ll see how it goes.

Luckily, for them, I can keep the car I have until they deliver it.

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