This green and plastic land…

As I mentioned other other day, the Dail Mail wanted to use one of my pictures for their Island Plastics article on plastic bags. As it turns out, it’s not just an article but a campaign. Anyway, the picture got printed on page 3 of the Daily Mail today! Wehey! So chuffed! It was also seen on the BBC news and available online!

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Star Drawers…

Star Drawers

You should read Star Drawers…

It only costs £3 to purchase a downloadable PDF, and if you are anyway interested in Star Wars then it’s a very worthy £3 to spend…

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You learn something every day.

I learnt something about myself today. It’s not often that happens. I have afterall been living with myself for nearly 37 years and have had plenty of time to figure me out. I know for example that I can be a little stubborn. I have a very small streak for exaggeration. I am generally shy but also have no small amount of belief in myself, a tad arrogance some would say, when it comes to things like work. I am creative but my talent isn’t well formed enough to see it all through. I have stories that I now people want to hear, want to see, want to read; I just can’t get them down. I have game designs that people will want to play. I’m lazy. I can be self absorbed. The list could go on.

I enjoy writing and I enjoy creative writing, but the thing I found out today is that I like the process. Actually the process isn’t right, it’s kind of hard to explain what it is that I actually like, but let me try:

When I write I talk to myself in my head, I hear one word just before I write it. If I am not writing it I hear the whole process. That is the bit I like. I like the rawness of what I can hear in my head. That is my best work. The words forming in my brain before anything can mess with them. I hear the dialogue of people. I hear the narrator telling the story. I hear my imagination working at its best and it is so refreshing, so inspiring. All I need is to be able to capture it in a way that I am happy with…

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The Dilbert Blog

The Dilbert BlogI’ve been reading Scott Adams ‘The Dilbert Blog‘ recently. He’s a great writer and observer. I’ve never been too keen on his Dilbert comic strips, but his writing on his blog is so entertaining… and often right on the money!

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