As I was about to get out of my car at work, I noticed this on the bank on the opposite side of the road… I managed to grab these pictures from within my car, window down, style!

Green Woodpecker Green Woodpecker

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The land that ’s buildings occupy at North Harbour – portsmouth, has a lot of wildlife in it. Basically there is a lake and lots of surrounding land and trees etc… There is a lot of bird life including , Canadian Geese, s, s, s etc… and an absolute ton of rabbits.
Anyway, while heading in this morning I noticed 8 Herons just stood around in a circle in the middle of a field. They look like some sect or something. set to worship some god or another…

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IBM LogoWell, I started a new contract at IBM uk head office in North Harbour, Portsmouth on Monday. The first week was mainly about settling in and getting myself set up ready to go full tilt… Monday was a little overwhelming being around so many people in such huge offices. It’s a little bit of a culture shock for little ol’ me!
On Tuesday I had my Health and Safety and information induction and then had my photo taken for my security pass. The security pass also doubles up as your cash card as the offices are cash free. So Tuesday afternoon I was able to start sampling the delights of the canteen, or should I say, food court!
First week went well, I got my Laptop set up with all the IBM products I need to either perform my Job or facilitate it. It’s a little strange having to use products like Lotus Notes and DB2 and RAPID, and other IBM products…

Oh, and I’m programming in Java!!!

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