The Timbles are coming…


A few weeks ago I made a decision to allow my current contract with IBM to come to and end. They had offered me another six month extension but I decided not take it.

Toward the end of July, I am taking the family to Florida for three weeks, and I had already decided that I would take the whole of August off. It’s been a long time since I had a long vacation. I originally wanted to only work the winter months when I started contracting. 🙂

The issue was that there was only seven weeks between the end of my contract and going on holiday. IBM had agreed to factor in August as part of my contract, but ideally I only wanted to work up to the holiday. I could have taken a new contract to cover the next seven weeks, but short contracts have a habit of turning into longer contracts, and I really didn’t want to commit to anything new.

So, I made the decision to finish my contract and not look for a new one. This means being out of contract, and therefore not earning money, for the next 3 months!

I ended up thinking about a project that I started in 2008, Timbles. It was a prototype game that I wrote, to help my children with their Times Tables. Unfortunately many things got in the way of me developing it, not to mention the plan for it started getting more and more grandiose, and therefore harder and harder to complete.

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New Year – New Contract

Well it didn’t take long into the New Year to get a new contract – which is nice! I decided not to spend any time looking after finishing at IBM; figured I’d have a christmas/new year holiday and then start again in the New Year. Which I did and it was quite refreshing to have a bit of a holiday.

Anyway, the new year started and contracting hunting ensued – and I picked one up within a couple of days. I start with Stannah Stair Lifts on Jan 26th – for 3 months.

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Smoking Gun Productions

At the tail end of last month, Smoking Gun Productions went into recievership… it was a sad end to a decade of work.

Currently Smoking Gun Entertainment Group PLC is still active as we search for a way to revitalise it… albeit through a sale or reverse take over. I would hope that that should happen by the end of this month and therefore for me, the Smoking Gun experience will have come to an end.

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One of those mornings…

It took me 2 hours to get into work; 2 hours for a 45 minute journey. So I was a little rattled when I got to work.

However, worse than that… Victoria called me to let me know that our friend Gail has been in a head on collision as she headed home from the school run. I guess it’s a small consolation that her daughter was not in the car. Anyway, hope you are ok Gail! Take it easy, and I hope the neck and back don’t give you too much grief over the next few days.

However, we all know that you didn’t like the Megane; it’s a rather drastic way of getting it replaced! 🙂

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Port Solent

I bobbed down to Port Solent to take a few pictures yesterday after work.

Spinnaker Tower Porchester Castle   The Moon!

See Also: Spinnaker Tower | Porchester Castle

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