Google toolbar picks where you surf

Google toolbar picks where you surf

This is something I feel unsure about. Basically Google toolbar picks up words on a page and creates a link to somewhere else. The example given that causes problems is that of Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You are visiting Barnes and Noble or any book web site for that matter, and you are looking at a page for a particular book. On that page is the ISBN number and Google recognises this and changes it into a link to Amazon. So now they have directed the browser away from one site to another with a possible financial implication. ie: the browser buys the book for Amazon rather than the store they started at. Now this is something Microsoft tried with Smart Tags and quickly dumped due to external pressures. ( More here… )

There is a Javascript workaround here but this is what causes the dilema.

I personally don’t want anyone messing with my site, any part of it. I want the user to see it as much as possible, as I intended. If I want to add a hyperlink to possible divert the user away then that’s my perogative, so I’m not keen on google changing my text and adding in links, especially as I don’t know where the are going to end up.

However, the user has installed google toolbar and has thus possibly made the decision that they like this process and afterall it’s kind of the principal that the net is built on and great for. The ability to navigate and find more information on a particular subject.

So which is the correct way: allow google to decide what your user sees or deny the user the flexibility?

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Search keywords revisited…

Here is the latest list of strange search requests that have hit my site…

  • “write a computer program that would represent the rooms in such a way that you can start from any room and go to any other room architectural designer”
  • “short stories on homosexual men playing football”
  • “my only love sprung from my only hate! too early see un-known and known too late! prodigious birth of love it is to me that i mu”
  • “forest stripping”
  • “gucci kid shoes”
  • “in bed with him for the first time”
  • “everything but the girl used to be man”
  • See Also: Strange Keywords

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    Internet Friends Tree

    XFN – XHTML Friends Network

    I installed the latest wordpress the other day, and just noticed the link on my page to XFN – so I thought, I’d better check it out.

    Basically it’s a way of adding a tag to all your links to indicate how you are related or know this person.

    Which basically means that you can spider the internet for this information and build a tree of how everyone knows each other… smart!小型淘气猫

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    US duo in first spam conviction

    BBC NEWS | Technology | US duo in first spam conviction

    The scary thing about this, is that it shows the reason why we get so much spam… it works!

    The e-mails advertised penny stocks, low mortgage rates and software to erase internet browsing records, Virginia officials said.

    A “Fed-Ex refund processor” was supposed to allow people to earn $75 an hour working from home.

    His sister helped him process credit card payments.

    Jaynes amassed a fortune of $24m from his sales, prosecutors said.

    I draw your attention to the 24m dollars…

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    Strange Keywords

    Every now and then I check my web stats to see how people get to my site and from where… looking at the search engine keyword list is always amusing. As I have so much content of varying stuff, I often generate strange hits… but how about this one last month.

    “i always respect the dead by wearing a condom”

    That hit one of my pages!

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