I’ve not had much time to code for the last week or so and I’ve had to re-code a few areas in order to restructure. This was to allow me to separate out my standard library stuff from the rest of the project. This now gives me the front-end, backend and library setup.

Everything is now back up and running – except text and night processing of doomdark.

The night processing is missing because I never finished it in the first place and the text is due to not wanting to use certain proprietary graphic formats.

To explain:
I have a lot of code and utilities which handles generic graphic stuff, which I have used from company to company, project to project. I chose not to use my own sprite/graphic format and stick with BMP’s, mainly because you would need all the utilities to add graphics to the engine and I cannot distribute them. Not to mention the fact that that particular utility isn’t very pretty – plus I’m not using any of the features that the graphic format/utility gives.

All this is fine, except for the fonts. I have routines that alpha edge blend/anti alias the fonts to give a nice font smoothing affect. So in order to use these fonts and allow others to change them I need to re-code a simplified version of my font maker. ( time time time )

I will stick in a windows font for now and fixup the font util later. The text won’t look as pretty – unless anyone knows how to get Windows GDI to render a font to a DDRAW surface with font smoothing on! ( I just couldn’t get that to work last time I tried. )

Anyway, enough rambling… I’m hoping to get a version up on my site for you all to look at by Sat 13th Feb.

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