Bad Man

Sometimes I wonder if I’m a bad Brother, Son, and friend. Not because I’m a nasty person, not because I’ve ever done anything to be ashamed of, but because I don’t pickup the phone. I love talking, and I love talking to my family, I’m just not very good at long distance conversation instigation. This isn’t limited to my parents and brothers. I’m not very good at calling friends either. And if I’m away from home, I’m not quick to call Victoria and the kids. It’s just the way I am.

I think about my parents every day. It’s hard not to think about your parents when you have children. In the good times and the bad times, I wonder just what my parents would have done in that situation. When my children are playing or indeed fighting, I think about the same times I would have had with my brothers. When my brain drops down into idle, I generally find myself thinking about my family.

Just this weekend I was thinking about my elder brother and his family, thinking that I should give him a call, thinking that he calls me far more than I ever call him and that it’s about time that I ring him and find out, “How’s things? How are you? What are you up to?” etc…

but instead, here I am Monday morning thinking about the fact that I didn’t call…. … I promise myself I will call tonight…

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Give me tonight…

Shannon - let the music playBack in the 80’s I had some records by an artist called Shannon. She’d made it really big in America with her debut singles “Let the Music Play” and “Give me tonight”. However for some reason she never seemed to make it big in the UK. The records used to get played at clubs in the late 80’s but I guess her records had long since been released by the time they became popular over here.

I managed over the 80’s to get her first 3 albums imported. They were on Vinyl as that was the medium of choice as you will recall. Anyway, everyone kept borrowing the records off me to tape – oh for CD’s and MP3… they were probably the only sort after records in my collection.

I never managed to replace them on CD and have over time generally forgot about her. Once or twice I’ve done a search to see if the original albums can be bought on CD, but to no avail. ( You can now get a Best Of CD on Amazon )

Anyway, I was listening to Desert Island Discs ( yes I’m getting old now – deal with it! ) which featured of the and he talked about going to America to cover the release of a Shannon record. He talked about how her the sound of her records influenced early Pet Shop Boys. It was only while listening to the version of “Give me Tonight” that they played that I suddenly realised this link – and it’s such a pronounced one!

Anyway, it was a slight trip down memory lane while I thought about that time when Shannon was in my life…

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Childhood Memories

When I was six I lived in Portsmouth on a naval housing estate on Matapan Road in Hilsea. While I was there I was attacked by someone intent on ending my life… that happened almost 30 years ago. I’ve told a few people and it comes up in conversation every now and then. Over the last 30 years I have not thought about it that much in the scheme of things. I started at IBM in July where the place is practically in view from where I sit and barely a day goes by without me thinking about it… strange isn’t it?

I managed to write a very story story about it called “Black Velcro Shoe” some years ago, which was a odd experience to say the least. I had no problem writing it but I couldn’t read it out in my creative writing class.

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