Childhood Memories

When I was six I lived in Portsmouth on a naval housing estate on Matapan Road in Hilsea. While I was there I was attacked by someone intent on ending my life… that happened almost 30 years ago. I’ve told a few people and it comes up in conversation every now and then. Over the last 30 years I have not thought about it that much in the scheme of things. I started at IBM in July where the place is practically in view from where I sit and barely a day goes by without me thinking about it… strange isn’t it?

I managed to write a very story story about it called “Black Velcro Shoe” some years ago, which was a odd experience to say the least. I had no problem writing it but I couldn’t read it out in my creative writing class.

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2 Replies to “Childhood Memories”

  1. Bloody hell Chris. Bloody hell…

    Don’t know what to say. I’m totally shaken by your story.

  2. There’s nothing to say really… for me I think that I now realise that the pain and immediate fear has gone, but the long term scars still remain.

    I guess that working in such close proximity to the place as stirred something that suprised me. I spent so long in my life not thinking about it until I moved down south. When I did come down here I went to visit the place once, because I felt I needed to relive something, and then it slowly went back to sleep in my subconcious. Since working at IBM it has come very much to the fore in a way that is suprising and a little unnerving.

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