It’s been a lng time since I was really into a game… but I’m totally addicted to Tumblebugs

Tumblebugs Screenshot

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7 Replies to “Tumblebugs”

  1. it really is a perfect game.i loved it for its complete lack of bloodthirstiness and yet it was quite challenging

  2. does anyone know why Tumblebugs won’t play on my Windows ME??

    I get to the Play button and then I get a Runtime error.
    I asked Gamehouse and they suggested it was either my version of DirectX or my drivers were corrupted. I downloaded version 7.0 of DirectX, but I have no idea what to do about the drivers.

  3. I love this game, but am convinced that I can’t get farther than 8-5. I’ve played the lower levels repeatedly to gain extra lives, but still can’t get through 8-6. any suggestions?

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