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I’m red green and I love playing Tumblebugs. However, Tumblebugs relies on some amount of colour matching. Well actually it’s based on it! For the most part I can manage it. I can clear see the reds and the blues. Initially the yellow and greens were a little confusing when the action got a little frantic. However, when the purple ball was introduced, it became a nightmare. As it was practially blue, and I really needed to concentrate to distinguish between the two, and most of the time you just don’t have this amount of time available to you.

Anyway, I came up with a fix;

In the Tumblebugs directory \Program Files\Wildfire Studios\Tumblebugs\media is a file LB_Balls.xml, in here you can make a few changes that allow you to alter the light diffuse amount on the ball.

<name value="Ball_Purple"/>
<diffuse x="1.0" y="1.0" z="1.0" w="1.0"/>
<transparent value="0"/>
<twosided value="0"/>
<texmap value="LB_Ball_Purple.tga"/>
<restitution value="1.0"/>
<staticfriction value="0.0"/>
<slidingfriction value="0.0"/>

Now change the diffuse element to the following…

<diffuse x="0.5" y="0.5" z="0.5" w="0.5"/>

and the purple ball gets a lot darker! Play with the other colours to allow seperation of the colours.

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All the config and level files are in the same directory as XML files, so it looks very easy to change the game. I guess you could make new levels for it pretty easily if you took the time to study the files further. But as a starter, check the tumblebugs.xml file. There are lots of easy changes you can make to alter the way the game plays.

<lives value="3"/>
<extralifestart value="25000.0"/>
<extralifestep value="50000.0"/>
<extralifestepinc value="25000.0"/>
<extralifestepmax value="500000.0"/>
<balldsename value="LB_Balls.xml"/>
<ballsize value="190.0"/>
<launcherdsename value="LB_Launcher.xml"/>
<launcherballspeed value="10000.0"/>
<eaterdsename value="LB_Eater.xml"/>
<ballscore value="10"/>
<comboscorebase value="150"/>
<comboscoreinc value="150"/>
<chainscorebase value="20"/>
<chainscoreinc value="20"/>
<speedquick value="350.0"/>
<speedreverse value="200.0"/>
<fireballcomboscore value="50.0"/>

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  1. i was 2 rounds away from level 9. help me. I looked at the file but cant find where to change the amount of lives. And how do you edit the file??????????????????????????????

  2. Edit the file in a text editor like NOTEPAD. And editing the lives is just changing the tag that says “lives value=’3′”.

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