Well, I’m 35 today! Cannot seem to stop that relentless march towards 40!

I started running again today – I had to stop last year due to my back, and I’ve put a stone back on since then. I’m 6″1′ and 14.5stone( 202.5lbs )


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7 Replies to “Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday (a little late, yes), and I see I beat you with more than 2 weeks! I’ll race you to 36 🙂

    Also, remember this quote:

    `I mean,’ she said, `that one ca’n’t help growing older.’

    `One can’t, perhaps,’ said Humpty Dumpty; `but two can. With proper assistance, you might have left off at seven.’

  2. I was working on a game call “Shieldfighter”, later released as “XS”. We were initially going to use Rutger in game for announcements etc… so he flew over to see us, and thats when we lunched!

  3. How did you like him? Have you seen SinCity? Wasnt he on that? And a “Professional” boxer for some time?

    I liked his movies… Hope he makes more of them.

  4. He was a very nice man… Huge, with big hands!!!

    Yes he was in Sin City, but I don’t think he was ever a boxer. ickey Rourke was, and he is also in Sin City.

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