Looking back at 2005

I’ve been reading my blog entry for the start of 2005 and realised just how crap I have been at achieving my objectives for this year.

Finish TME ( Doomdark’s Revenge Scenario )
Start TME tools for Scenario writing – or preferably Igor will work on UniMapGen and his suit of tools.
Finish Wizards Lair Dataformat for John Dow
Finish Firelord Dataformat for…
Finish Spectrum Dataformat DISZ80 Tools
Revamp website
Add all Doomdark’s revenge section to website
Work on Midnight/MU Campaign Manager
Work on Midnight/MU Forum Website
Work on ‘Personal Jesus’ – My Novel #1
Work on ‘The Harry Anderson Journals’ – My Novel #2
Work on ‘unamed’ – My novel #3
Finish Retro Articles
Write new articles
Get fit
Lose weight

Well, I started work on TME. Nothing on the tools. Nothing on any of the dataformat stuff. Worked on the website revamp but didn’t finish it or release any of it. Did add some DDR stuff to the website. Midnight/MU related stuff went reasonably well. Nothing much on any of my novels! Finished two articles for retro gamer which were published and I never got paid for. Stopped going to college, started getting fit until I did my back in, and was losing weight until the same said back issue!

Decorate New study, Rebekah’s Bedroom, Jacob’s Bedroom, Victoria’s and my Bedroom
Work on the Garden
Fix Garage Door
Convert Loft
Decorate Stairs and Landing
Spend more time with Victoria and the Kids

Study is the same, just full of more junk… Rebekah’s beadroom was finished and Jacob’s is nearly finished. My bedroom and the stairs and landing were stripped of paper but never finished! The loft is the same. The garage door is still broken and the garden hasn’t changed much. But I think I spent more time with my family.

Where did the year go…?

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One Reply to “Looking back at 2005”

  1. Well, you’ve done better than me, if that’s any consolation.

    My new personal aim is to stop asking that question at the end!!!

    Happy New Year!

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