KylieTickets went on sale for Kylie’s 2008 tour on Monday, well, actually they went on presale on Saturday. I think presale means O2 customers for “The O2”. I know that ticketmaster will be selling tickets at 9am Monday morning so I gear myself up to be ready to hit the internet at 9am. There is no obvious phone number on the site so online booking it is.

Due to numerous problems, I get to work at 9:10am. Ticket Master are not showing tickets available for the Saturday and Sunday shows. Two new shows have been added; Tuesday and Wednesday, but there are no good seats availalble. If you have been to The O2 you will know that the tiers are steep and being at the top of tier 4 might be a bit much! I don’t like the idea of crap seats mid week.

I look around online and find tickets for sale at 4 times face value for crap seats. I’m not lining the pockets of some other leaches just to get crap seats. I’d quite happily pay £200 a ticket direct to the artist and promoter – but not to wankers who have snaffled all the seats up and then trying to make a fast back. It’s almost enough to make you leave behind your capitalist roots and become solcialist.

Later on in the day I find out that there is another main promoter and I manage to buy 4 tickets for the Sunday night for pay face value. The tickets are at the back on level 4 – which may mean really at the back, you know, up there in the clouds, sitting with the gods, watching the ants dancing on the main floor. ( btw: I also found a phone number for ticket master! )

I’m a little annoyed and dissapointed… would I have got better tickets had I been at my desk at 9am or were they all sold out during the presale stage anyway? But, I got the tickets for the Sunday, so I only have to take one unpaid day off work rather than the two that a mid week would have required. And I wanted to see Kylie in concert and didn’t expect to get as good as view as when we went to see Prince…

Today I found out that yesterday, they added a Friday to the schedule. These went on sale yesterday afternoon and now only have crap seats left! Had I known that I would have waited… actually had I known that I would have bought 4 new tickets for the friday and sold my sunday tickets at face value! If another weekend night appears on the schedule, I am going to be real mad!

Why is the process of obtaining concert tickets such a pain in the arse? There has to be a better way!

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