New Improved Formula

Why do people muck around with food? I used to eat Tesco’s Maple and Pecan Crisp for breakfast… last month a box turned up with the shopping that was “Newly Improved”. I don’t like it anymore!

Victoria eats some Oaty Crunch thing.. this month, “Newly Improved”. She doesn’t like it anymore!

Why mess with things…?

I suspect costs; they’ve change the makeup to reduce the costs. But now it tastes shit!

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2 Replies to “New Improved Formula”

  1. I can’t think of a single time that “New Improved Recipe” meant anything tasted better. Birds Eye Southern Fried Chicken Grills, Tesco Ginger Snaps, Lipton Peach Ice Tea; I name and shame thee all!
    Let’s campaign for clear and honest labelling. We shouldn’t settle for their voluntary “New Improved Cost of Goods” slogan – I say we push for “Our worst ever tasting…” stickers, which dissatisfied shoppers can apply in-store as a grim warning to others.

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