Casino Royale

Casino RoyaleWatched Casino Royale last night. Have to say that I really enjoyed it, one of the best Bonds in a long time. manages to pull off what couldn’t; a stronger, darker, more serious Bond but Craig has more character and feeling about him. The film was a little long but manageable. With any luck this means that we might have a string of films that can obliterate the travesty that was .

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Lovefilm – Part Deux

Saving Private Ryan
’s war epic about one mans task to find a soldier and bring him home. Despite all the blood and gore, and the first 25 minutes it is unrelenting, I really enjoyed this. [IMDb]

Shark Tale
I din’t actually watch this, but the kids seem to enjoy it. [IMDb]

Sin City
Hated this! This was the only film that I didn’t watch all of – I just couldn’t bare how bad it was. Some people might call it stylish, it just thought it was cheap and poor. [IMDb]
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Lovefilm – Part 1

I got a free three month trial membership to Lovefilm just before christmas, so I’ve been using it to the full over the last three months. Basically, I can have two films at home at any time and as soon as I send them back, two more off my list are dispatched to me.

Anyway, here is a list of what I have watched over the last three months…

– The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
I liked the first quarter or maybe half of this film, which ties in with the book. I always get bored at about the point that Aslan gets involved and the film was no exception. This was made worse by the fact that Aslan is played by who is just about the worse voice over actor going… [IMDb]

This was enjoyable, nothing remarkable but a worthwhile watch all the same. Tells the true-ish story of Coach Carter as he struggles to turn a bunch of no hope basketball players into a winning team. puts in a great performance and makes the film. [IMDb]

Curious George
This was just a joy. The story wasn’t great but the animation style is lovely and the soundtrack so complements the laid back nature of the film. [IMDb]

Dark WaterDark Water
A woman moves into a “haunted” apartment with her child. The film was ok, is very good in it. [IMDb]

Based on the book of the name name by . This was let down by when he plays the Alien Mr Grey. Apart from that it is what it is. [IMDb]

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