Lovefilm – Part 1

I got a free three month trial membership to Lovefilm just before christmas, so I’ve been using it to the full over the last three months. Basically, I can have two films at home at any time and as soon as I send them back, two more off my list are dispatched to me.

Anyway, here is a list of what I have watched over the last three months…

– The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
I liked the first quarter or maybe half of this film, which ties in with the book. I always get bored at about the point that Aslan gets involved and the film was no exception. This was made worse by the fact that Aslan is played by who is just about the worse voice over actor going… [IMDb]

This was enjoyable, nothing remarkable but a worthwhile watch all the same. Tells the true-ish story of Coach Carter as he struggles to turn a bunch of no hope basketball players into a winning team. puts in a great performance and makes the film. [IMDb]

Curious George
This was just a joy. The story wasn’t great but the animation style is lovely and the soundtrack so complements the laid back nature of the film. [IMDb]

Dark WaterDark Water
A woman moves into a “haunted” apartment with her child. The film was ok, is very good in it. [IMDb]

Based on the book of the name name by . This was let down by when he plays the Alien Mr Grey. Apart from that it is what it is. [IMDb]

Finding Neverland
I enjoyed watching this. As always is superb playing . It made me want to know more about Barrie and his weird world. However, after more research into the matter, the film portrays him in a better life than real life. [IMDb]

Hearts In Atlantis
Another Adaptation; based on the story “Low Men In Yellow Coats” from the Novel “Hearts in Atlantis”. I enjoyed this very much. [IMDb]

Ice AgeIce Age: The Meltdown
The kids watched this while I was on holiday– I’m sure they loved it. [IMDb]

King Kong
This wasn’t a bad remake but seemed to suffer from some really bad special effects in places. [IMDb]

This is really good. Tells the story of a man who has a particular memory problem which means he can’t move short term memory to long term. This results in him having to record lots of information by as he attempts to find the person who killed his wife. The story is told in reverse which makes in hard to follow but well worth the effort. The main character is played by who seems to do an admirable job of being in the movie. [IMDb]
See Also: Memento

National TreasureNational Treasure
in – entertaining family film. [IMDb]

Oceans TwelveOcean’s Twelve
Terrible!!!! Do not watch this movie – ever! [IMDb]
See Also: Ocean’s Twelve

Runaway JuryRunaway Jury
This is an adaptation of the book starring and . The story has been changed to target the Gun Industry rather than the Cigarette Industry but I enjoyed this all the same. [IMDb]

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  1. I’m from lovefilm, did you know that we have just launch ‘user collections’ on the lovefilm site which means you can pull together lists of your fave, or hated films for all of the other members.
    Would be interested what you think of this .
    All feedback welcome.

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