May I first point out that; I hope this doesn’t conflict with or cause problems with anyone else doing a LOM conversion. Please email me directly if this does. I just thought it important to make my intentions clear.

As you are all aware from previous postings or my Web site etc. I have always intended on doing a Windows Version of LOM. I have bitted at this since 1991 ( time of the conversion! ) and started and restarted a number of times. Some of these versions are currently being used by others to help with their conversions or have proved more than a little useful in explaining how LOM works.

I finally sat down a few weeks before Christmas to start looking at the new version. I mocked up a few screens (will try an put on web site soon ) and wrote the basis of the following document – I then wWin rote the skeleton code of the system which has pretty much everything apart from a few night features.
I then took a Christmas break.

I’m about to start the process again and thought I would post this document for your comments before I get too entwined in the project.

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