My time has been pressing me of late and I have been working on WinLom in the morning before work 5:30 – 7:30. So progress has been slow.
I am currently systematically working through some of the features that are missing or need tidying up and hope to have a new version within a week or two. This version should be the 1st Beta of the WinLom99 scenario.

What I am hoping is that this version can be played by as many as wish to and I can get good feedback of what/where the bugs are.
I then intend to leave this version in beta for the next month, this will give me enough time to evaluate the engine and work out the areas I need to address to allow the Doomdark’s Revenge scenario to work correctly.
The engine is currently already *very* configurable through the access database and all manner of different things can be done with it. I just need to fix up some of the idiosyncrasies of DDR. About the only thing that can’t easily be changed at the moment is the map. This requires an editor which will come later.

I want to take the next month off as I need a break from WinLom and I want to refresh some areas of my web site, which I have neglected lately.
After that month I will resume work to finish off the Midnight Engine and start on the editor. ( ie: unless someone wants to take up this task! )
I will probably release this first version of the source code to allow others to look at it and we can start the process of fixing up the areas that don’t make it portable etc. With this version anyone interested in building new scenarios should be able to make a start and get a general idea of what they can/can’t do. This will all help for improving the engine further.

Again, if anyone has any noticeable areas that DDR is different than LOM I would be interested to know.

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