Doomdark’s Revenge

Another update on DDR, I’ll try and keep these frequent…

I had a large batch of graphics from Jure today. And the results as you would expect are stunning. The new skies really make a difference.

We all know how much impact the initial dawn shot has in Doomdark’s; it was so different than LOM but that Red and Yellow colouring was so atmospheric.

After much messing around with the Dawn shot myself I felt I was going to be in big trouble trying to recreate that feel. Some of you may remember me asking in the group if I could drop that look… to be told emphatically no!

Anyway, I’m glad to say; Jure hit the nail on the head and the result I found to be breathtaking. I’ll try and upload a screenshot soon.

The new haze effect is really working, and I know how two styles of moon, night and evening/day. I also have a separate sun to drop in as an overlay this time rather than having it painted onto the backdrop.

Anyway, more later.

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