Ok, did the wedding on Saturday, which went better than expected… actually probably as expected. However, the kids enjoyed themselve, Rebekah loves dancing at weddings, so she was in her element there.

More importantly there was a live band at the Evening Party. a small unsigned band obviously. Nizlopi

Well, they were fantastic. Just two band members Luke Concannon (vocal/guitar/drum) and John Parker (double bass/human beat box). The singer sounds a little like a male Tracy Chapman and their songs are beautifully crafted and original. The whole sound was fantastic for a warmy barmy evening.

I picked up a copy of their album and listened to it a couple of times during the drive home. Although it is a little more produced than their live set, it is still massively pleasing. Actually listened to it all Sunday as well.

Check out their website from some sample songs on

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