Families of dead soldiers plan to sue Blair

Families of dead soldiers plan to sue Blair…

Have you ever heard anything so daft? – it’s like; “I wanted to be a soldier, but I’m not sure about this war business!”

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3 Replies to “Families of dead soldiers plan to sue Blair”

  1. Dunno the ins-and-outs. However, I understand that the basis for the action is that the war was illegal, and therefore should not have been fought. ergo their sons should still be alive.

    Something like that.

  2. I don’t believe that the war has actually been declared illegal, or prosecutions would have taken place… whether you agree with the war or not, their sons died in the course of duty that they signed up for.

  3. No, I meant that *their* basis is that *they* believe the war to be illegal. I presume that partly the action is a move to try to have that validated in court.

    Just my €0.2… 😉

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