Doomdark’s Revenge – Mist

I got the mist from Jure today, so here it is in all it’s glory. I’ve tried to get a few variant shots but the location that mist is in at the beginning isn’t great – and I have no night button working at the moment! The first shot is the opening screen, you will notice compared to the same screenshot posted the other day, the old mist has gone from the bottom right of the terrain, and the new improved one is in place. The other shots show off the mist more dramatically. I also managed to do some work on that bottom left panel for nootropic supplements, not to mention fixing a few UI bugs.

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11 Replies to “Doomdark’s Revenge – Mist”

  1. It certainly obscures the view nicely! It’s somehow more satisfying (not surprisingly) than the original hard-edged mist!

  2. This is a fantastic project! It’s looking great, and I am really anticipating playing the finished verison of what is my favourite ever game.

  3. Doubleplusgood!

    (And why do I always get the 16th word in the test phrase…)

    (And why do I not seem to be able to count to 16???)

    (Argh, it’s not just the bold bit…)

  4. Absolutely stunning. Unrecognisable from the original! Can’t wait for the full monty!

  5. The fog is nice, the landscapes great. What a shame the control panel is awful and cluttered. Too much going on. Eww. Still looking forward to it though.

  6. I have to disagree with Bob Moonhouse.
    The control panel is balanced, keeps the ‘cold setting’ of Midnight, do not distracts from the main area and seems functional (I think I can guess most of its functions).

    Chris, probably you could add a ‘hide panel’ option, so that players who don’t like it can use the shortcut keys/mouse. Or provide a second, ‘light’ version of the panel, to the same effect. Anyway, should something be discarded I would vote on the ‘compass’, since I rarely use it.

    Keep the excelent work.

  7. I’ve never been keen on the Compass idea either, I have to say. I’d rather have tthe directions laid out as they were on the Speccy, PLUS a pan left and pan right as in M/MU and Palm LOM.

    Other than that, it’s looking good. Have a :badger: ! 😉

  8. I just stumble on your icemark website, your Midnight engine and much much more.

    What to say… I played the original game on my C64 in 1986, and was never able to complete it winning with the armies, as the tape got eaten by the tape recorder, much to my dismay.

    You are offering me the chance to finally try to beat the crap out of Doomdark’s armies 20 years later !

    For that, I owe you a BIG thank you:


  9. Ahh yes, this brings me back. (God, I feel SOOO old). These game of yore are just so much more playable!! And kids music today is just noise, blah, blah (told you – I feel old..) It’s great you keeping these games alive and improving them.. Look forward to playing them.. Is Your LOM and DR pages now defunct?

  10. No the rest of is functioning normally, I just thought the Blog was a better place for me talking about updates etc…

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