Space Bastards

Having just moved office – I found about 20 copies of the retail version of Space Bastards – Sudden Justice. I’m going to put them up for sale should anyone want them.

Space Bastards was a platform puzzle game for the PC that I developed back in ’98 – originally it was mail order only, with a demo that could be downloaded or distributed by whatever means available; back in ’98 however, this didn’t work. The game was released in retail in ’99 – but retail didn’t take to the name and didn’t stock it, and so it didn’t sell there either – which is a shame because everyone who plays it – loves it.

I uploaded the demo here…

But here are some other bits that are worth looking at that will give you a feel for the game.

Anything Can Happen
Celine Dion
What really happened in Dallas?
We Remember…
Windows Theme

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46 Replies to “Space Bastards”

  1. Ah Space Bastards!
    I was going to ask what happened to that. I remember the green and black website well. The demo was fun. I was also amazed to see it in the shops, I didn’t realise at the time it was going to be published and boxed. No chance of releasing the game as abandonware or a freebie then? Twas quite fun at the time. Sadly enough, I was on the bus the other day, and found myself quoting Space Bastards in my head. And now you go mention it again.

  2. I think there could be an option for releasing the game as freeware – that has effectively happened once because of PZ ZONE anyway! I’m trying to find out how much stock still exists because I believe there could be some merit in selling it off… I’m also looking at some alternate avenues for re-release – I would love to recode it, especially in 3d for a console etc… but also I wonder how much could be squeezed onto a Mobile phone…

  3. Yo, I was just downloading some demos from game revolution and i saw space bastards on there but the link didnt work for the demo so thanks alot for posting it. The game is hilarious and because of the style of play it hasnt really dated. I hope i can see it re-released to buy or as freeware sometime in the near future.

  4. Hey, I dunno why I’m posting here. I was gonna download your game, until the hyperlink had “BIG” in the filename, and I have a slow modem. Plus, it’s a demo. I’m not really asking you to zip it up, or make it free, or anything, because I wouldn’t really check back about it. Not that your game doesn’t sound cool or anything. Really, I just felt like posting something, you know?

  5. Is there any way to buy Space bastards still? And any idea what Fergus is up to now? ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. Space Bastards could be bought through me… I have a few in my Garage!

    Fergus now works for Infospace (Mobile) – He runs the UK Studio… formerly IOMO.

  7. Chris if you have any left i would like one as i have lost my original,and i miss it dearly,especially sean connery.

    regards Marc Witten

  8. Hey at last i have found someone posting about Robosaurs. I found it a few months ago – i completed it when i originally got it and when i installed it months back i go stuck on Mercury Again level 10. I have just come back to it after a couple of months away and still can’t do it. Could i get some help because it’s driving me mad!!!

  9. Arden,

    I have a full solution somewhere…. but it’s on a machine that is tucked away in my garage. I’ll try and get it out soon.

    However, one thing I will add that tends to help people is; you can run on top of a space bastard, they can walk on you, and you can push blocks on them while they walk…

  10. I’ve tried it all! As i said i have done this before but for some reason can’t do it now!!! I look forward to getting some help!!

  11. I badly want to revisit this game but the download link is broken! ๐Ÿ™

  12. Damn! That was quick! I came across some forum posts you had made to others who were also looking for this game. Funny looking back into history really.
    Do boxed copies of this game still exist and have any plans to make this into a console or mobile game materialised?
    Thanks once again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Yes a few box copies still exist.
    The game has not made it on to any other format… however I still have plans to do some work with it in the future… just not sure what yet.

  14. Excellent. How can I get a boxed copy for myself?
    I’m currently beginning game development for Windows & Mac – so if you’d ever like to see a Mac port…!

  15. I’d love to buy a copy if you have any left, let me know how! Great game.

  16. Hey guys, i remember playing this as a kid its SO hard to find id love to see it again there any way i could get hold of a copy? thanks

  17. fantastic. I spent many a night loading and quiting that demo, just so we could listen to the celion dion bit. Never laughed so hard.

    ahhh to be 16 and stoned……

  18. Hey….I bought the game off you…Still have the cd…..Played it for years….loved it….So sorry….no Idont want to buy another…..still love the original…..Thanks.

  19. Hi, you still have any boxed copies left? just started playing the demo again, and i think its great!

  20. I am trying download the game demo or original “Robosaurs VS Space Bastards”, but I cant find it. Can you help me?

    Tks for attention…

  21. I’ve been looking for this for years! Send me the details please!

  22. Ever thought of releasing the game as freeware now that its getting on a bit?

  23. Chris – do you still have a copy of this for sale? Shame you don’t own the rights to release it as freeware mate… ๐Ÿ™

  24. If there’s any possibility, if you have another spare could you sell one this way too?

  25. Jeez Is this thing still going. ?
    Chris are you there ?
    Best movie intro ever. (seeing as i did it)

  26. Hi Chris,
    So what you up to these days ?
    Is smoking gun still alive ?
    I`m 3 companies gone and now a director with another artist after our last employer destroyed the last company and buggered it all up.
    I lost touch with everyone years ago, I`m not the best at remembering stuff.
    We were talking here about old work we`d done and I couldn`t find my old portfolio, was amazed to discover Space bastards through youtube. I`d even forgotten the name.(need to eat more brain food)

  27. I bought Spacebastards on CD direct from the site way back when… late 98, , its a hell of a fun game, I actually loaded it onto this machine a few months back and give it a go now and then.

    Also bought the t shirt at the time, found that in a drawer a little while ago. Spacabastards logo on the front, and “Peace Through Bigger Fucking Guns” on the back. Alas it doesn’t fit me anymore, law of sod and middle age – but the wife wore it to a Hawkwind gig last December!!!. Drew some comments…LOL

  28. Hello,

    I have just had a message sent to bounced off of your server, which said: “No Such User Here”. Is there any other address for contacting you on Space Bastards copies? If they are still available, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I had that Celine Dion thing as my voicemail back in the day, are their any copies of the game left? I would love to get hold of one ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I’ve got a used copy up for sale that I found in my box of old PC games the other day; if anyone is interested let me know.



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