Stonehenge – Summer Solstice 2006

Well, I’ve just got back from where I was for the . That’s now the third year on the trot. It was a little different this year as it was cloudy and rainy. It was on off slow drizzle from about 0:00am and then absolutley tipped it down at around 2am. The sun should have appeared at about 4:50am but it didn’t really clear the clouds until 6am. But despite the clouds and the rain, it was still an enjoyable experience. I really want to get the in this year…

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5 Replies to “Stonehenge – Summer Solstice 2006”

  1. Hi, I went to the solstice at Stonehenge too it was a really good night. I like your pictures. Also as thsi was our first time I was looking it up and Google and came accross your post from last year and it helped us prepare as we didnt know what time to arrive etc. So thanks. I have made a video of the event if you wish to see.

    We want to go to the winter one this year too, so might see you there!!

  2. Sorry – I mucked up. So busy working that I completely forgot the date, even though you reminded me about a hundred times!

    I’ll try to make the Winter one. He said, unconvicingly :/

  3. What do people do there? Is it free entrance, is it supervised somehow, what people do there? Are there tents? How many peple? Who own the place?

  4. It is free entrance on the Summer and Winter Solstice. It is supervised from a point of the police etc watching over activities and ambulance services etc…
    There are tents, but not near the stones. People pitch tents in the car park which is a mile away from the stones. There are usually about 25,000 people. The place is owned by English Heritage I believe and thus belongs to the country.

  5. reminds me of lords of midnight, all those standing stones – of course minus the snow

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