Summer Solstice 2007

Sunset at Stonehenge I went to the Solstice celebrations at last night. I was up there for 9pm ready to see the sunset. I’ve not see the sunset at the stones before and to be honest they are not in the right position for it! 🙂
There was a small amount of cloud which cleared relatively quickly and the rest of the night was pretty clear and dry. It only rained for about 10 seconds at around 9:30pm.
The stones were busy, mainly I think because Glastonbury is upon us and many people will be en-route. I have to say that security seemed a bit edgy. I’m not sure if they were expecting trouble or that they were concerned about the numbers but there did seem to be something in the air. There seemed to be a lot more nobs than usual and there was an awful lot more rubbish left lying around. All in all I didn’t think it was the best solstice celebrations.
The sky was clear right through to 4am and the the dark storm clouds rolled in. By 4:30 the sky was pretty covered and the chance of seeing a decent sunrise looked very very remote. Also, the chance of getting soaked look very very high. So we cut our loses and head for home.

Sunset at Stonehenge Sunset at Stonehenge Sunset at Stonehenge Sunset at Stonehenge
Watching on... Solstice Kiss Security Stoking the fire

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3 Replies to “Summer Solstice 2007”

  1. With great practice! 🙂

    To be fair I took a 20min power snooze at 7pm before I went, and then another 45mins in the car at midnight. That said I was up at 6:30am that morning and went out for a run!

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