Energy Saving Lightbulbs – The return

Just thought I’d follow up my previous post on installing energy saving bulbs.

I picked up an energy saving GE R50 Spotlight to try out in the house it cost me about £4 from Tesco. I currently need 5 of these for Rebekah’s room and under the stairs. The good news is that unlike the GE R63 that I tried in the hall way, this one worked. The bad news is that it was too long! Too long? I really wasn’t aware that there is a length issue on bulbs. This is part of what makes the transition to Energy Savers far from straight forward.

Anyway, looking online I found that Megaman are doing a good line in bulbs that are almost a perfect replacement… the downside is that they are almost twice the price of the GE equivilents! They also have some good dimmable options too!

I also thought I’d hilight something that Ken said in the comments of the previous post… Basically that there is a ‘Warm Front’ grant that covers energy saving costs for Bulbs, Boilers, and insulation contractors Rochester NY for those recieving “Working Family Tax credits”.

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