iMac 24

iMac24Well the new iMacs have been announced. I shall be getting one of these very soon, unless something conspires against me. It looks elegant and the small wireless ultra thhin keyboard is just lovely!

See more pics here…

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One Reply to “iMac 24”

  1. Welcome to the ‘other’ side.
    You do realise you will have to get use to using a computer that NEVER crashes, freezes or just throws a wobbly.
    And you do realise that the software is so much more professional ‘looking’ on a mac, no more crappy Microsoft.
    And you do realise all you will have to do when you get it home is just plug it in.
    And you do realise it will actually be loaded with software when you buy it.

    And you do realise if you want any software, all you have to do is drop me a line?

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