When two events happen simultaneously…

“When two events happen simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention.”

– Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

I had a scary moment of the holiday period. I started becoming ill on Boxing day, just the usual trivial stuff – nose and throat, and by New Years Eve it had settled in good and proper. Now, I’m not someone who subscribes to Manflu and I tend to handle illness relatively well. However, by New Years Day it was well and truly getting on my proverbials…

New Years Eve had been a late night, going to bed about 4am, and then New Years Day involved going out for a walk. So by 9.30pm I was well and truly knackered – soaked in the bath and early night.

I woke at about 2am to the smell of some kind of burning. It wasn’t the smell that had woken me, it was just there. As I woke I noticed that the whole room was misty/smokey. I jumped out of bed and rushed into the kids room. I checked all the rooms upstairs – everything ok apart from the smoke.

My rationale at the moment of time was that I didn’t think there was a big roaring fire, just some kind of small simmering type fire, or more likely, something bigger outside that was filtering in through the windows.

Anyway, I rushed downstairs and systematically checked all the rooms – everything ok – except for the smoke. I looked outside, but there was nothing obvious. By the time I returned to the kitchen Victoria was there wondering what was up. She wasn’t at all panicked by some smoke, more likely by my irrational behaviour.

[Paraphrasing a strange conversation that followed…]

“What’s up?”
“The whole house is filled with smoke or mist or something,” I said.
“Go and look in the mirror,”

I looked in the mirror, and my eyes were filled with yuk! A few minutes of vigorous washing later, and everything had returned to normal.

So the smoke turned out to be my cold coming out of my eyes, or a possible reaction to the bubble bath!

The smell – Victoria had lit an incense thingy when we’d got in on New Years Day to attempt to remove the smell of the stale house.

I didn’t sleep anymore that night…

Needless to say, Victoria bought extra smoke alarms and stuff over the weekend…

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As my computer finally gave up the ghost after giving me the most grief for a long time… it is now an ex PC and my Apple iMax 24 has now been ordered!

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New Improved Formula

Why do people muck around with food? I used to eat Tesco’s Maple and Pecan Crisp for breakfast… last month a box turned up with the shopping that was “Newly Improved”. I don’t like it anymore!

Victoria eats some Oaty Crunch thing.. this month, “Newly Improved”. She doesn’t like it anymore!

Why mess with things…?

I suspect costs; they’ve change the makeup to reduce the costs. But now it tastes shit!

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Breitling Bentley GTK13362I was idling some time today over lunch, and for some reason while browsing around Amazon I clicked on watches. I think the first watch that came up was for about £20. I’m thinking, if I was buying a watch I’d probably pay a little more than £20 so I’ll sort on Price – High to Low…
The first watch to come up was Breitling Bentley GTK13362. It’s a bargain at the moment because you can save 18% at the moment. That’s £4,445.00!!! Yep it’s currently down from £24,695.00 to £20,250.00!
Now, the first page of watches listed in this fashion are all over £5k – in fact, you have to go through 20 pages before you get a watch under £1K. That’s about 450 watches for babyliss pro miracurl steamtech. Now, I’m fully aware that there are some rather expensive watches out there, but the point is, the thing that I really need to know, the question that will trouble my sleep tonight, is; who, in their right mind, who has over twenty thousand pounds, burning a hole in their pocket, goes to Amazon to order it? And, do they tick the Super Saver Delivery option?

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