The Golden Compass

I watched yesterday. What a train wreck of a film! There were a number of changes from the book, and I can accept them. One or two I might have disagreed with or wondered the point of the change, but on the whole that wasn’t the problem. The real problem is that they tried to make it a 1 hour 40 minutes film! It therefore becomes an absolutley fast forward through events that doesn’t allow you to pick up anything from the characters. The plot just zips buy that it becomes incomprehensible. You feel nothing for Lyra and as to why she does things, or indeed why anyone does things. In order to keep this plot going dialogue is thrown in that means too much exposition. I wonder if anyone who has not read the books would get anything out of it?

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  1. Agreed it is a vile film but Pullman was heavily involved in it’s production. As soon as it became a US-style block buster it was bound to lose it’s way. They pulled out any religious references for fear of offending US audiences – yes that’s the same audiences who love some of the most gory films made ( mindless brutality is fine – religious issues too sensitive ). What emerged was a dumbed down Narnia type film less the lion ( maybe they couldnt get hold of a lion suit in time ). The only thing I did like was the settings which I thought were close to the books. Goodness knows what they will do to The Subtle Knife or The Amber Spyglass if they get their money making trotters on these. Posted by a fiesty person.

  2. i have never read the books myself, but im just after watching the film, and wondering, is there supposed to be a sequel? because the story didnt seem to end where the film did

  3. Yes, the film makers have messed with the original ending of the book and affectively moved it to the start of film2 – should it ever happen! This is a shame because as you would expect, the end of the story is important to the resolution of the story! However, with the mess they made of this film, it’s no suprise.

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