Managed to spend a good amount of time writing this weekend. I needed to get to grips with the first chapters of my story and some how pull it together. Once that is done then I think I have a good base to move forward. The problem is that the chapters deal with the six major characters and because they are the opening chapters then they have to pull the reader in, keep them gripped, and move them forward, without let up. Personally I think that can sometimes be a tall order for the first fifty pages at the best of times. The real problem is that you could argue that technically, the book starts after these first chapters so conventional wisdom would suggest cutting them. However these chapters are essential for the understanding of the concepts of the book – so it is important that they keep the reader gripped!

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  1. I know what you mean – Im struggling with pace and tension and not telling entire story in 6 chapters! I also re-read parts and get crises’ of confidence – doesany one care about this caharcter and the story – will they get bored ? I find it interesting but the trouble is it’s personal taste I guess. Anyway as Lindsay says – dont give up !

  2. Yes, speed is a problem especially after writing so many shorts. I’ve decided that I’m going to finish bringing together the chapters, and then edit edit redraft and edit. Try and make sure these are right because they are so important. I’ll even share them with the group.

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