Safari for Windows – Proxy Authentication

Safari Not Asking For Proxy Password

Dull posting here, but I decided to post it in order to record a technical
problem and solution for an issue I recently had with Safari.

When running behind a proxy, Safari for windows uses the proxy settings
from IE. It’s easy to set the address of the proxy by selecting
Preferences:Advanced:Proxies – Change Settings

The first time you do this, Safari will ask you for a username and
password so that it can authenticate your connection. If you select
“remember password” it will NEVER ask you for this again. I use the word
NEVER hear loosely – it might ask you, I just don’t know under what

So, if your password changes, Safari has the wrong password and will be
unable to connect.

If you uninstall Safari and Reinstall it… the problem remains.

The Solutions is: Delete the keychain.plist file from the directory

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Apple

This is under XP, the directory will be different under Vista.

Restart Safari and it will ask you for the authentication again.

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12 Replies to “Safari for Windows – Proxy Authentication”

  1. Excellent… Thanks, this was getting irritating, all I kept finding was people advising to change my proxy password, which was the whole route of the problem, in that I couln’t get to anywhere to change it…


  2. Oh dude I have been looking for this for quite some time
    Thanks for posting it

  3. Excellent, finally a good solution to this annoying problem, you rock, thanks. it should be posted in an apple support page.

  4. can u tell me how about the solution if the OS is vista

  5. Thanks for posting this. It saved my Tech Support a lot of stress, and me a lot of hassle.

  6. You saved me a lot of trouble. I decided to use Safari on university computers but I couldn’t remove the damn password at the end of the session! Thank you so much!

  7. hi, do you know how to do this on a windows vista machine? thanks

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