Captain Correli’s Mandolin

I watched last night. Firstly and importantly, I enjoyed it. It did everything I want from a book adaptation – it made me want to read the book.
It’s obvious from the viewing that there has been a lot cut from the book to make the film, but that said, from a story point of view, I never felt I was missing anything that I could not piece together by reading between the lines. So by that measure the film holds its own as a story, if not necessarily the same story as the book.

What I did take from the film is – just how shit was. His attempt at being and Italian was really so poor. There were moments when I thought he was going to turn into . I have never been a cage fan, although I admit there are films where he seems perfect in, but I thought he was particularly badly cast here. I guess he’s just one of those actors that grate on me, a bit like . However, by the end of the film he starts to become acceptable as the film enters the final action stage.

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