Lords of Midnight – Video Footage

I’ve been giving some thought to releasing some screenshots of LOM iOS. However, I can’t really see much point. Any screenshots using the current graphics will just show an image of a game running in a development box on my Mac. A game that won’t look to interesting at this stage, because you won’t be able to see any of the intended graphical enhancements. I also have some video footage of the game running that I have used to show some people how the mechanics for the landscaping works. It would also suffer the same issues.

That said, it occurred to me this morning, that maybe what I should do is release some video of me playing the game on my iPad. That would at least show that the game is actually real and not some vaporware concept.

I’m going spend another day thinking about it, and then I might release something over the weekend!

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4 Replies to “Lords of Midnight – Video Footage”

  1. Video of the game running on Ipad would be great! Look forward to it

  2. Would love to see a video of it running on the ipad.

    Ihope you still intend to do Eye of the Moon afterwards – I have been waiting for this game for over 20 years!

  3. Would it help if we begged?? A little glimpse of the game on the iPad would surely feed my dreams of this project 🙂

    Oh, I’ve already saved up to buy it anyway!

  4. Really looking forward to seeing a video +1 beg for me.

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