Lords of Midnight – Video Footage Follow-up

I spoke with Mike about releasing some video footage, and he’s up for it. I just need to put the process together. I have a few things I want to finish off on the character selection screen and then I’ll do it. I’ve been busy over the last 2 weeks with client work, so progress has been slow. But things should return to normal by then end of this week.

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5 Replies to “Lords of Midnight – Video Footage Follow-up”

  1. It’s a pity how long everything concerning this project is taken. What seemed a promising adventure and a profitable quest has turned into a much-delayed and little-cared vaporware. It’s a pity that completing Lords on Midnight for iPhone goes behind so many other tasks. Understandable, as I reckon you have your own job and your own duties that supersede this one, but it’s a pity nevertheless. Really. I follow your webpage since… 10 years perhaps? But it seems life is going in different directions and Lords of Midnight revisited will remain a dream.

    1. Thanks Petard,

      I’m so glad that I generally get positive comments.

      You’ll never know how much lords of midnight dominates my life, and therefore how much I would benefit from actually putting this thing to bed.

      You assertion that it is profitable is actually flawed. There is only potential for profit and a slim one at that.

      I understand how frustrating it is for this project not to be on the move, but just for one moment consider how it is for me, when sat coding at 2am for a quick hour because the week has been so hectic!

  2. Well, Chris, thank you for your answer. It is true that perhaps the description of this as “profitable” is more a true wish than based on reality. Although the fact is, since you have your own job and this seems based more on a “lifetime compulsion” than a “real 8 hours/week job”, every dollar earned will be a dollar’s profit, or so I hope that’s the case. I know that the time you are spending in this project should be justly rewarded by lots of people downloading this software (like the Angry Birds guys? :P)

    In any way, that’s not the point. I would be so happy if you had a huge success, both from critics and sales. I would really be so glad for you and/or Mike. But I somehow believe that is not what you are asking for. I am quite sure that if you ever release it and make a lot of people happy, that will be a good enough reward for you. Whatever the case, if you feel you falter and think of throwing in the toilet, I hope that you feel that there are lots of people out there sending you their support. Dammit, I grew up with this game!

    Whatever it may be, it doesn’t seem very healthy to me to be coding for one hour at 2 am (it resembles too closely my own life though!) so I would advise you to schedule yourself better. After all, even though I work the same hours as you do (as a translator), I am not married and as such, my wife won’t kick my balls if go to bed so late ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It just occurred to me that perhaps you might need some support. So let me offer you a little contribution. I offer you to translate the game (whenever it’s released or before) into Spanish FOR FREE. If you need my translation references (so you may check the offer is serious and well-meaning, do ask for them if you wish) The email I sign this post with is a real one (previous one wasn’t, I am afraid)

    The reason is.. I want the game released, dammit ๐Ÿ˜‰ So if having it in more than one language might help you in any way… so be it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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