New Year – New Contract

Well it didn’t take long into the New Year to get a new contract – which is nice! I decided not to spend any time looking after finishing at IBM; figured I’d have a christmas/new year holiday and then start again in the New Year. Which I did and it was quite refreshing to have a bit of a holiday.

Anyway, the new year started and contracting hunting ensued – and I picked one up within a couple of days. I start with Stannah Stair Lifts on Jan 26th – for 3 months.

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5 Replies to “New Year – New Contract”

  1. Brilliant news!
    What’s happened to the blog? 10th Nov – 13th Jan is far too much time to not make an entry especially with your extended holiday!!

  2. Well let’s start with getting another year older – Happy Birthday my friend!!

  3. Hope the new job is going well Chris! Look on the Brendon Bunch Board for teh curry dates to see what you can do. AND GET WRITING!!!! I loved your stuff!

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