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Strange one yesterday, I heard the new single ‘Fly’ from Matt Goss ( Bros, to those of you old enough to remember ) Anyway, I was pleasantly suprised, it was very good. I heard it it the car driving to work, and then again on the way home.

Now, I’m pretty liberal with music, I like pretty much anything ( except random jazz stuff ), but I still get suprised when people who’s music I didn’t like before suddenly come out with something good.

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7 Replies to “Matt Goss”

  1. …are you certain that there aren’t a number of MattGosses surfing the airwaves? It simply cannot be the same 😛

  2. Fly is a great track but one of the weaker songs on his album, Early Side of Later. Unfortunately the attitude of Ringz is similar to many others who remember Bros and for that reason they won’t listen to or buy Matt’s records. However, what they fail to realise is that the music Bros made and what Matt makes now are two different things. I guarantee you will enjoy the album, do yourself a favour and shell out a tenner for it!

  3. Yes, I listened to preview of the who album tracks, and it does seem like I would like it… in my basket of things to buy.

  4. Could you describe the nature of the music on the album?

  5. The album is pretty standard pop really. However, just checked it out on his website, their is a sampler there so that you can listen to it.

  6. I agree, FLY is a great song 🙂 ….I also have the Early Side Of Later album & it is awesome, FLY is just ONE of the many wicked tracks on it!

  7. Yeah, theirs a great review froma very talented lad with great words aswell (obviously knows his music) on one of his websites, of where you can hear samples of the album.

    I’m impressed with the review & the music aswell.

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