Horses – Part II

Driving to work this morning, I noticed two New Forest workers picking up fallen Oak branches. For those of you not familiar with the dietry requirements of horses, oak is poisonous to them. A great many plants are in fact, a very common one is St John’s Wort. I often notice “weeding” parties removing this plant from fields that contains horses.

Anyway, I wondered this morning why man must intervene to stop a horse from either making itself poorly or even killing itself due to eating these life threatening substances. Surely evolution would have helped them to work out what not to eat by now. Anyway, I was going to label the Horse as officially stupider than cows (see previous post) , but then it occured to me… this is what man does all the time with Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drugs. So maybe horses are only as stupid as us!

Poisonous to Horses

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One Reply to “Horses – Part II”

  1. I officially submit that my cat “Tully” is the world’s stupidest animal.

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