Over Heating…

Just into the new year and already the first week has been a little difficult.

The shower was still leaking after I re-sealed all the joints! Damn there was so much silcone around the shower tray that there was no way water could be escaping – inconcievable! However it turned out to be the grout between the tiles had given up the ghost. All sorted now and the shower appears to be in full working order.

The boiler packed up on the Sunday after New Years day! So we’ve been without heat and enough hot water for the last week. A boiler guy came out on Bank Holiday Monday and then decided the boiler really was knackered! The PCB motherboard had gone on it! Managed to get the manufacturer out to in on warranty, but it took them until today. Anyway sorted now. The irony is that we replaced the 20yr old boiler during the building works because we had to move it anyway and we figured it would probably die during or not long after being moved. 8 months later the new boiler dies!

With the heating and hot water fixed and the the shower, I’ve just had the best shower in the world – ever – 2!!!! After 5 days of small baths! Damn, thats what i call .

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