Happy Birthday to me!

Yep, 34 today! Where has the time gone,? 34 years, “…don’t they go by in a blink”

My brother, sisteer-in-law and their son stayed with use over the weekend. It’s nice to have other members of the family around on a birthday. Luckily my birthday fell on a weekend so I didn’t have to take the day off work; I don’t work on my birthday, never have, never will.

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4 Replies to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Congrats! What can I say – thanks for starting the LOM/DDR group and keeping it alive so far!


  2. Yes thanks… all the things you need when you’re 34 – books, clothes, chocolate, music, power tools! And a rather lovely statue representing me, victoria, and the kids.

  3. Belated happy birthday Chris! Only 34? Youngster! 🙂

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