Celebrity Spotting…

When Victoria and I were in Italy last month, we walked past Noah
Wyle (Carter – ER ). He was stood back in a little booth in a side
street in Florence. He looked like he was sampling some drink or another,
a little at the back of a group of people, almost keeping in the shadows.
Anyway, as we walked past I pointed him out to Victoria with the very
enlightening, “Isn’t that thingy from ER…” to which she replied “Carter,
yes I think it is.”

Anyway, I was thinking about that this morning so did a quick Internet
search… I found a few stories that confirm that Mr Wyle and his family
were indeed in Italy the weekend before, in particular Rome (so there is
every possibility that they would have decided to take in Florence – it’s
only 180miles away, and not only that I found a picture of him in Rome
looking as he did when I saw him – same jacket etc…

The power of the internet…

…Today has been a slow news day…

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